Playstation 4 stickers (First model)

Looking for a PS4 skin or wrap?
A Foxx Decals skin is created using quality materials, with precision cuts and made by 1000DPI printers that cost as much as your house.
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Four components that make a great Playstation 4 skin

1. Premium materials

Foxx Decals Playstation 4 skins are made with the German Orajet Rapid Air Technology Vinyl. This vinyl is made to last 7 years in the outside weather without additional protection and is resistant to tearing. It has special airducts that allow bubbles to be pushed out and create an additional suction that makes the sticker adhere better with less glue. As such, nearly no glue will remain after removal. Unlike the 3M, this adhesive does require additional liquids to be removed from the object. Because we have good relations with the supplying factory, you never get a knock-off product from us.

2. Commercial grade precision cutting

Not everyone is capable to cut vinyl with heigh accuracy that is needed to fit all the edges of the Playstation 4. Its not worth it to buy stickers at the euro store and try to fit it to your playstation 4. In our factory we have 2 industrial cutters that fit in one hall that are fitted with precision technology that cuts vinyl to an unparalelled 0.01mm accuracy. Our stickers will bring you console to a higher level.

3. High definition prints

Foxx Decals stands out from the rest because we use state of the art 1000DPI industrial grade printer that has the price of a newly build house in the Netherlands. This fine grade allows us to print the designs the way graphical artists intended their designs to be printed without stretching or pixelation of the image.

4. Refined artwork made by graphical designers

All the previous equipement and technical jargan is all good and well, but without the graphical designers to back it up it is worth as much as the word of any. The designs that we offer have been made by paid proffesional graphical designers that take their jobs to heart. No expenses are skipped to delivering you the highest quality graphical images. With our designs you Playstation will shine like the sun in the sky and will keep you baffled with its newly found beauty. Our 3D models are but a reflection of the outstanding work that has been done by our artists.