Playstation 4 controller stickers

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Components that make a great Gaming sticker!

Premium materials

Foxx Decals® Playstation 4 Gaming Stickers are made with Orajet® or 3M® branded materials. These materials will last more than 7 years in outside weather without additional protection. But this is not where we have decided to stop. During a gaming session your hands will become warm, sweaty and get stuck to any regular flat surface. To prevent this, we have added an additional breathing layer that allows the sticker to breath and allowing heat to conduct away.

High resolution print

You know your Playstation 4 controller is alway in visual sight and are eye catchers for everyone in the room. Just look on instagram and you will see everyone showing off their cool Dualshock controllers. You can make yours look the part with our fabulous designs. Our team of graphical designers create outstanding images of high resolution. We print those designs with unrivalled room sized printers (yes, overkill) and fine inks that gives you the best visual print you can find on the market. We are not just saying this, it will take years before these machines will have earned their worth. Image quality is guaranteed.

Precision cutting

With carefull designing and numerous prototypes we perfected our cutting seams. Our masters of the craft bring you the best fitting PS4 controller sticker in the world. Our cutting precision is unparralelled. Try one of our stickers today and get blown away by your new controller. It will no-longer look like your controller, but it will look like a trophy.